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"Top Cream saves us time with content tailored to our project team’s needs, and company's challenges”

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Top Cream is a global market watch and decision-making platform.

We are committed to being your companion for action and decision-making with:

  • Access to the best speakers and change-makers in the world to inspire your teams
  • Personalized selection of highly curated videos and podcasts supported by unique AI + NAI (Non-Artificial Intelligence!)
  • International network of peers and experts
  • Unparalleled resources: reports, studies, book digests, and interviews.

Only the best support to accompany change!

Top Cream curates and produces content from the best speakers and events around the world, carefully reviewed by our world-class brain trust, and translated into 15 languages

Top Cream operates on 6 domains:

  • Technology and Innovation, Global Trends, Sustainability
  • Leadership and Management, Education, Health and Wellbeing

Plus 2 Complementary Streams: CEO Visions of the Future and Top Cream Daily Brain Detox ©

From Foundations to Action, our content is structured around 3 access levels: Discover, Understand, Act because we believe that content is most meaningful when geared to action.

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